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May 29, 2012

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On the subject of DNA… from south africa comes this post from wonderful blogger Willemien de Villiers who is both artist and writer… and spectacular at both!

waking up to the dream

The spider moves around the stem of the plant and deftly starts to weave her web, aiming for a shimmering double helix it appears. I haunch down to get a closer look at the spinnerets at the back of her body. As she presses them against the stem, a strand of liquid silk emerges. Moving away, the viscid liquid hardens in the air. I know that she’s watching me too, and briefly, her glittering eyes meet mine.

I say something about how fragile and broken her web looks, and she stops weaving; coats her legs with an oily substance from her mouth and tumbles through the foliage, landing at my feet. Her body now resembles that of a praying mantis – at least she stands upright, for which I am grateful. The crouching posture of spiders scare me and I’ve often thought that if only they had two legs instead of eight, no-one would suffer from arachnophobia.

We have…

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